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Project ID: 2003FL39B

Title: Sustainable Land Application- Conference Support

Project Type: Research

Focus Categories: Non Point Pollution, Waste Water, Agriculture

Keywords: Animal waste, biosolids, effluents, waste disposal, pathogens, metals, nutrients, organic compounds, policy

Start Date: 03/01/2003

End Date: 02/28/2004

Federal Funds: $16029.00

Matching Funds: $ 32185.00

Congressional District: 6th

Principal Investigator: George A. O'Connor

Abstract: Land application of non-hazardous materials (e.g., animal manures, biosolids, wastewater effluents, etc.) remains the most practical and economic means for farmers and municipalities to dispose of waters, while benefiting soil fertility, soil physical and microbial properties. Knowledge and understanding of the numerous waste constituent research have generated the needed information for many waste constitutes but the information tends to be waste-specific, known primarily to scientists working with specific wastes, or completely lacking, e.g. about "emerging pathogens. Presented together, this information would promote environmentally wise and sustainable land application, improve scientific/regulatory awareness of what is known, and identify research areas of high priority. We will convene an international conference in Jan '04 in FL to accomplish these lofty goals. Wastes, soils, and hydrology unique to FL will be considered. Experts on soil reactions of Metals, Nutrients, Pathogens, and Organic Compounds have been solicited to (collectively) prepare state0of-the-science summaries of research on constituents in carious non-hazardous wastes. With audience participation, high priority research needs will be on-hand to guide science interpretation and research agendas for the future. Results of the conference will be disseminated at the conference (abstract book), on a website following the conference, and in a series of per-reviewed journal articles. We expect the conference to have wide appeal, and have already received sponsor support to offset some of the conference costs. This proposal requests USGS/FL WRRC support to further aid in the technology transfer effort.

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