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Project ID: 2003AL9B

Title: Characterizing the Biodegradation Rates of Chlorinated Compounds Under Natural and Anthropogenic Electron Donor Conditions

Project Type: Research

Focus Categories: Groundwater

Keywords: Chlorinated solvents, bioremediation, groundwater, transport, degradation, bioremediation, and microorganism

Start Date: 03/01/2003

End Date: 02/29/2004

Federal Funds: $24959.00

Matching Funds: $51939.00

Congressional District: Third

Principal Investigator: Clement, Prabhakar T.

Abstract: Groundwater aquifers are important water supply sources in several urban and rural regions in Alabama. The capability to protect and manage these precious resources depends on our ability to understand the fate and transport of anthropogenic contaminant species that are inadvertently discharged into streams. This project will focus on the development of a bioremediation technology for solving groundwater pollution problems associated with chlorinated solvents.

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