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Project ID: 2002DE3B

Title: Graduate Fellowship in Water Quality: Environmental Policies for a Sustainable Poultry Industry in Sussex County, Delaware

Project Type: Research

Focus Categories: Law, Institutions, and Policy; Water Quality; Nutrients

Keywords: animal agriculture, environmental policies, nonpoint source pollution

Start Date: 03/01/2001

End Date: 05/31/2003

Federal Funds: $3000.00

Matching Funds: $6000.00

Congressional District: At-Large

Principal Investigators: Ritter, William F.; J. Thomas Sims; Byrne, John M.

Abstract: The geographic intensification of broiler production in Sussex County has caused problems with farm and watershed scale nutrient balance. On many farms, nutrient inputs in feed and fertilizer often exceed outputs in poultry meat and harvested crops. There is a critical need to reduce the nutrient imbalance in the Nanticoke and Inland Bay watersheds. One method of improving the imbalance would be to find alternative uses for the poultry manure and move it out of the watershed. A three-year study is being conducted by a Delaware Water Resources Center supported Graduate Research Fellow to compare all of the options available for solving the nutrient imbalance (input-output of nutrients) of the poultry industry in Sussex County from an economic and nutrient reduction standpoint. Although a number of the options discussed in this project have been evaluated, nobody has done a comparative economic analysis of all the options available. The Delaware nutrient management program requires an alternative use incentive program to move nutrients form areas with overabundance to areas needing nutrients and for the commercial processors to formulate and implement nutrient reduction strategies that minimize nutrient additions to the environment. It is anticipated that this proposal will contribute to both these goals of the Delaware nutrient management program. Note that this is the final year of this 3-year graduate fellowship and that funding for this project terminates on May 31, 2003.

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