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Project ID: WY1961

Title: Product Accessibility and Dissemination for the Water Research Program at the University of Wyoming

Focus Categories: None, None

Keywords: water library, worldwide web, water resources data, Data dissemination

Start Date: 03/01/2001

End Date: 02/28/2002

Federal Funds: $7,586

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $17,577

Congressional District: 1

Principal Investigators:
Dennis Feeney
Professional Staff, The University of Wyoming

Larry Pochop
Professor, The University of Wyoming


Problem: In the west, water is critical to survival. Data and information concerning this resource are very valuable. However, unless information developed from research is readily available, all of the effort and expense of collecting, analyzing, and reporting the information is of little use. Therefore, an accessible and reliable database is needed for the dissemination of the data and information (products) developed by the Water Research Program (the Program). In addition, in order to produce quality research, coordination is required for determination of research priorities, dissemination of information on research opportunities, and identification of research expertise.

Methods: Over the next year, we will continue to operate and maintain the Program web site and expand the site to disseminate the Program information, and research products. Additionally, research products, as they become available, will be incorporated into the WRDS Water Library. The Program web site is accessible at

Another critical component of the Program is the coordination of research activities between researchers, agency personnel, and private interests. This coordination serves as an information transfer activity through meetings, conferences, and informal communications. An example is the service of the Director as liaison between the University of Wyoming and funding agencies.

Objectives: This project will ensure the accessibility of the products from the research conducted under the Program. By posting products on the Internet, and by housing records and documents in our Water Library, anyone will be able to access the data. Researchers with the Program can continue to direct interested individuals to one site where they can obtain these products. The project will also help ensure the coordination and management of the Program, both at the State and National levels.

To continue to meet the needs of this project, WRDS will: maintain and enhance the Program web site, make products available digitally over the worldwide web, enter citations for all the Program reports into the WRDS on-line Water Bibliography, and have all products stored and available for checkout at the Water Library.

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