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Project ID: VI4201

Title: Teaching an Intensive Short Course on Water Resources, Coastal Hazards, and Coral Reef Degradation

Focus Categories: Groundwater, Education

Keywords: fractured aquifers, geoindicators, coastal hazards, beach profiles, hurricane impacts, coastal management

Start Date: 04/01/2001

End Date: 03/31/2002

Federal Funds: $15,000

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $0

Congressional District: not applicable

Principal Investigator:
David M. Bush
Associate Professor, State University of West Georgia


There are perhaps no more pressing issues faced by Caribbean island nations than questions of water supply, coastal erosion, and coral reef degradation; and not necessarily in that order. The State University of West Georgia, Center for Water Resources has developed a series of intensive short courses dealing with these and other geologic problems. Each short course is approached from the perspective of presenting a comprehensive background to the physical processes and management considerations. Input of course participants is vital to tailor each course to local needs. This proposal to the Virgin Islands Water Resources Research Institute is to present a 4.5-day intensive short course covering three main areas:

1. Coastal geology, coastal hazards, coastal management;
2. Coral reef ecology and stressors; and

3. Groundwater exploration and development.

The course will be taught in St. Thomas, or other appropriate locale as dictated by needs of the participants. The course will consist of 2.5 days seminar style lectures with discussions, 1.5 days field excursion, and 0.5 day wrap-up and final discussion.

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