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Project ID: OR4621

Title: Web-based Data Analysis and Distribution Technology for Watershed Datasets

Focus Categories: Ecology, Wetlands

Keywords: Public Education, Access, Water Quality, Watershed, Databases, Internet

Start Date: 03/02/2001

End Date: 03/01/2002

Federal Funds: $15,109

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $30,706

Congressional District: 5th

Principal Investigators:
John Bolte
Associate Professor, Oregon State University

Jim Moore
Professor, Oregon State University


As watershed planning is becoming increasingly important for implementation of the Oregon Plan for salmon recovery, the Willamette Restoration Initiative, response to endangered species listing, Clean Water Act requirements and other activities. Science-based planning requires access to data, in a way that presents that data in a format that is both readily accessible and in forms that are readily utilized by policymakers and stakeholders. Various watershed-scale datasets are also integral to the development of watershed assessments developed by watershed councils using the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board's (OWEB) Watershed Assessment manual, which prescribes specific datasets and reporting requirements necessary for completion of a watershed assessment.

We have been involved in efforts to build web database and map-serving technology related to providing watershed dataset access to a broad audience through internet access. Technology has progressed to the point where the development of dataset storage and delivery mechanisms is feasible. The Internet provides the necessary access and delivery mechanism, and is generally available to a wide audience. Additionally server-based software has made the presentation and download of datasets on the web realistic. We have been involved in these activities for both spatial and non-spatial datasets for the last several years and propose to leverage our existing web technology for spatial and nonspatial dataset display and delivery to continue development of technology and datasets related to watershed characterization and management via access to datasets on the web. We will further utilize our activities in a related project with two watershed councils (Long Tom and South Santiam) to continue to focus specifically on providing data access and analysis tools for their use, as a technology prototype/demonstration for watershed dataset access. The current technology used in the OSU WaterConnection web site will be expanded and enhanced to assist watershed councils and other stakeholder groups in accessing datasets related to watershed management issues. Additionally, the datasets and access/analysis technology will be made available to the OWRRI for using on their web site.

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