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Project ID: NM2041

Title: Information Transfer Program

Focus Categories: Education, None

Keywords: information transfer, information dissemination, education

Start Date: 03/01/2001

End Date: 02/28/2002

Federal Funds: $0

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $66,071

Congressional District: 2nd

Principal Investigators:
Bobby J. Creel
Professional Staff, New Mexico State University

Catherine T. Ortega Klett
Professional Staff, New Mexico State University


The New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute's Information Transfer Program is designed to bring the results of its research projects to the public, and to educate New Mexicans on the critical water issues of the state, region and nation. Different sectors of the public are targeted for each of its activities. The program goal is to provide people with water information appropriate to their level of training and interest. Information transfer activities are funded primarily from non-federal sources. Responsibilities for different segments of the program are assigned to various professional and support staff at the institute.

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