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Project ID: NJ1361

Title: Pilot Study on the Use of Hydrogen Release Compounds for PCE Enhanced Biodegradation in Fractured Rock Aquifers

Focus Categories: Groundwater, Toxic Substances

Keywords: TCE, dichloroethene, trichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, PCE, DCE, DNAPL, dehalogenating microorganisms, anerobic microbes, redevelopment, Brownfield, remediation, fractured rock aquifer, hydrogen release compound, HRC, carcinogen, drinking water, groundwater, chlorinated solvents

Start Date: 03/01/2001

End Date: 02/28/2002

Federal Funds: $30,000

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $110,234

Congressional District: 6

Principal Investigators:
Joseph R. Stencel
Research Associate, Rutgers, The State University

Kenneth Lee
Assistant Professor, Rutgers, The State University


New Jersey experiences a problem of chlorinated solvents migrating into bedrock, and a survey of US water supplies listed tetrachloroethene (PCE). trichloroethene (TCE) and the three dichloroethene isomers (DCE) as the five most frequently found contaminants, other than trihalomethanes. Based on research suggesting use of hydrogen as an electron donor for dehalogenation of these contaminants, several sites in NJ are undergoing pilot tests using a hydrogen release compound (HRCŪ) in sandy aquifers.

This proposal pursues developing a commercially viable cost-effective and timely remediation of contaminants such as PCE and controlling DNAPLs in a fractured rock aquifer on a test site on Rutgers Busch Campus. A 300-foot core hole and several wells will be installed to better model the system and monitor the results of the remediation strategy. NJWRRI Support would initiate development of the use of HRCŪ as tracer material to the contaminated zone source area to increase understanding of flow patterns in this fractured rock aquifer and aid in decision making for full scale injection of HRCŪ.

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