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Project ID: KS981


Focus Categories: Irrigation, Water Quantity

Keywords: Crop Water Use, Water Management, World Wide Web

Start Date: 03/01/2001

End Date: 02/28/2002

Federal Funds: $23,500

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $48,573

Congressional District: 2nd

Principal Investigators:
Gary Allan Clark
Professor, Kansas State University

Daniel A. Andresen
Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

Danny H. Rogers
Professor, Kansas State University


Increasing interest in irrigation scheduling and crop water management has occurred throughout Kansas. Traditional access to technical and educational information exists through workshops, seminars, field days, and published materials. However, busy schedules and other conflicts limit participation and access to these events. Access to and interest in the use of the World Wide Web has been growing at a fast pace. This project is designed to improve the transfer of water management knowledge and technology for improved agricultural crop production and resource conservation by using a Water Management Web Site housed within the Kansas Water Institute. Once the site is developed, established, and in use, other water resources related research results and extension information can be posted for additional technology transfer and enhanced knowledge of improved water management and crop production practices.

This Water Management Web Site will be designed to help the user with their irrigation scheduling and water management decisions. It will create crop water management accounts for individual users based upon input of their crop, soil, and geographic location. The Site will access the currently available real time weather data, estimate and log the crop water use, and display the results graphically for the user. The Site will update each water management account on a daily basis without requiring continual access by the user. This will enhance the use and availability of the automated weather data that must currently be accessed either daily or every three days in two of the Kansas Ground Water Management Districts. The individual will input rainfall and irrigation amounts to complete the water budget.

The proposed work will design, test/evaluate, display, and promote the Site throughout the course of the project. This Site will compliment the Virtual Water Office Site currently under development in another KWRI funded project. Funding for long-term maintenance is not available at this time. It is hoped that success of the Site will generate interest to provide the necessary support to continue to post and maintain the Site.

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