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Project ID: DC4582

Title: Program Administration Project

Focus Categories: Management and Planning, None

Keywords: None

Start Date: 03/01/2001

End Date: 02/28/2005

Federal Funds: $15,573

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $15,349

Congressional District: N/A

Principal Investigator: None


The Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) specializes in solving water related problems. The Center's staff and investigators have accumulated experience in water quality monitoring and assessment as well as related institutional and management problems.

The core of program development is active participation in the DC community concerned with water resources and local environmental issues. In general, WRRC will be establishing and maintaining relationships with six (6) groups of persons and organizations. These groups are (1)UDC faculty and academic departments; (2) UDC administration; (3) Federal science and technology agencies; (4) Local environmental organizations; (5) DC and other local water and environmental agencies; and (6) the local community. Last year the emphasis was on broadening support from the first two of these groups. This year, understanding and organizing the expertise in the entire DC university community will be the main thrust. Using the base program funding, the WRRC will develop relationships and identify the priority water resource and watershed environmental issues which need to be addressed and select credible investigators and project teams for a coherent, high quality program.

In alignment with the mission of the DC Water Resources Research Center, the major FY 2001 Goals are as follows:

1. Formation of an Advisory Committee and Research Evaluation Committee
2. Re-establishment of relations with other District of Columbia Universities

3. Greater Outreach to Stakeholders and Committee Input.

The current Interim Director joined the Center in May 2000 and worked less than half time. She has been involved in revitalizing and re-establishing a credible program base. Additionally, she has made it possible to involve not only the University of the District of Columbia's investigators but investigators from other universities in the District of Columbia. The Center will continue to implement activities in an effort to strengthen and revitalize its program.

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