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Project ID: AZ1401

Title: Information Transfer

Focus Categories: Education, Water Supply

Keywords: WS, M&P, EDU

Start Date: 03/01/2001

End Date: 02/28/2002

Federal Funds: $25,895

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $51,602

Congressional District: 5th

Principal Investigator:
Peter J. Wierenga
Professor, The University of Arizona


Funding will support two separate projects at the Water Resources Research Center. One project is the creation of a new Arizona Water Map. The original colored map, produced in 1994 by the Center, showed all of the water resources within the state of Arizona. The map was surrounded by text which discussed some of the critical water issues facing the state of Arizona, with topics such as Water Uses, Water Quality, Riparian Areas, and Conservation, among others. Copies of the map, which was very popular with schoolteachers, state and federal agencies, as well as the general public, have been distributed and is now out of print. The map will use revised and updated text, map, graphics, and photographs. As the previous one, the new map will present complex subject matter in a format suitable for the general public.

The second project is the annual statewide water conference sponsored by the Center. The first water conference, in the year 2000, examined issues related to the 20th anniversary of the state's Groundwater Management Act. The conference received with strong support and attendance by water groups throughout the state. A second conference is planned for 2001, with the focus on issues such as the impact of drinking water standards for arsenic, state aid to rural watersheds, and a panel discussing the Indian rights settlements in for a non-technical audience.

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