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2001 State Program Projects

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AK Fingerprinting organic material in the Caribou-Poker Creek Watershed to support hydrologic investigations PDF
AK Mercury Levels in Alaskan Rivers: Relationship between Hg levels and young salmon. PDF
AK Compatibility analyses of various snow measurements/data in Alaska PDF
AK Hydrological and geomorphological Controls on Sediment Transport Processes PDF
AL Studies to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Current BMPs in Controlling Stormwater Discharges from Small Construction Sites PDF
AL Development of Geophysical Assessment Tools for a New In-Situ Groundwater Remediation Process PDF
AR Linkages Between Watershed Dynamics and Habitat Contraction of an Endemic Species in Little Red River Headwaters (LRRH) PDF
AR Occurrence of Animal Feed Additives in Northwest Arkansas Surface Water PDF
AR Critical Evaluation of TMDL Data Requirements for Agricultural Watersheds PDF
AR Economics of water management to sustain irrigated agriculture in eastern Arkansas watersheds PDF
AZ Measurement of Hormonal Activity and Volume Contribution of Treated Wastewater in Water from Wells Along the Santa Cruz PDF
AZ Develop Bioassay Capability for Modification of Water Quality Criteria & Effluent Testing Using Arid West Aquatic Species PDF
AZ New Approaches To Addressing Tribal Water Rights PDF
AZ Salt Tolerance of Southwestern Perennial Ornamentals PDF
AZ Information Transfer PDF
CA California Water Resources Center WRIP PDF
CA Is Urban Runoff a Source of Human Pathogenic Viruses to Recreational Beach Waters? PDF
CA Landscape Level Controls on Nitrate-Nitrogen in Forested and Chaparral Catchments of Southern California PDF
CA Hydrodynamics of Shallow Water Habitats in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta PDF
CA Modeling and Optimization of Water Quality in a Large-Scale Regional Water Supply System PDF
CA Examining the relative influence of riparian and upland landcover and landuse on instream habitat: Improved methods for the Russian River basin. PDF
CO Managed Groundwater Recharge for Habitat Restoration: The Development of a Biological Component to the South Platte Mapping and Analysis Program (SPMAP) PDF
CO Enhancements to the South Platte Mapping and Analysis Program (SPMAP) PDF
CO Eutrophication of Reservoirs on the Colorado Front Range PDF
CO Description and Interpretation of Salinization in the Lower Arkansas River Valley, Colorado PDF
CO Distribution, Habitat, and Life History of Brassy Minnor (Hybognathus hankinsoni) in Eastern Colorado Streams PDF
CO Technology Transfer/Information Dissemination PDF
CO Applicability of Trophic Status Indicators to Colorado Plains Reservoirs PDF
CT Rain Garden Demonstration and Workshop PDF
CT Development of Predictive Tools to Infer Inhibition of Biological Nitrogen Removal at POTWs vi Long Term Bench-Scale and Full-Scale Monitoring PDF
CT A Characterization of the Discontinuous Nature of Kriging Digital Terrain Models PDF
CT A Tracer Dilution Method for Deriving Fracture Properties in Crystalline Bedrock Wells PDF
DC Sources of Bioavailable Toxic Pollutants in the Anacostia PDF
DC Escherichia Coli in the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers PDF
DC Analysis of Transformed Environmental Data with Detection Limits PDF
DC Student Education: Water Environment Studies in Schools Training Program PDF
DC Teacher Education: Technology of Water Environmental Education PDF
DC Speciation of Tributyltin and Triphenyltin Compounds in Clays from Sediments Using Mossbauer Spectroscopy PDF
DC Program Administration Project PDF
DE Graduate Fellowships in Water Quality: Baseflow and Storm Discharges of Nutrients to Delaware's Inland Bays PDF
DE Program and Administration PDF
DE Graduate Fellowship in Water Quality: Environmental Policies for a Sustainable Poultry Industry in Sussex County, Delaware PDF
DE Graduate Fellowship in Water Quality: Mechanisms of Phosphorus Stabilization in the Soil Environment: A Molecular Scale Evaluation PDF
FL Flow Duration Curves to Advance Ecologically Sustainable Water Management PDF
FL Development of a Multi-Scale, Multi-Process Hydrologic Model PDF
FL Dynamics of Tidal Marsh Plant Communities as a function of Changes in Freshwater Inflows and Tidal Inundation Time in the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, Jacksonville, FL PDF
FL Information Transfer PDF
GA Investigation in the role of oxidized iron in the surface water phosphorus dymamics in the Georgia Piedmont PDF
GA Impacts of Flow Regime on Ecosystem Processes in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin PDF
GA Agricultural Drought Assessment and Forecasting for the Southeastern United States PDF
GU Information Management PDF
GU Information Transfer PDF
GU Water Resources Symposium on the Outbreak of Cholera in Pohnpei State, FSM. PDF
GU Investigation of the Use of Locally Available Materials for Slow Sand Filtration In Kosrae State, Federated States of Micronesia PDF
GU Contaminant and Restoration Assessment of Agana Swamp, and Adjacent Waters PDF
GU Development of Monthly and Seasonal Rainfall Climatologies and Distribution Maps for Guam PDF
GU Groundwater Infiltration and Recharge in the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer as a Function of Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Rainfall PDF
GU Water Resources Training For The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands PDF
GU Inventory and Evaluation of Karst Features Relating to Past and Present Groundwater Flow in Saipan, in Terms of the Carbonate Island Karst Model PDF
HI Removal of nitrogenous aquaculture wastes by a wind-powered reverse osmosis system PDF
HI Technology Transfer PDF
HI Confirming the Natural Presence of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Environmental Soil and Water on the Islands of Kauai and Hawaii. PDF
HI An Accurate Evaluation of Water Balance to Predict Surface Runoff and Percolation PDF
IA Effects of Grazing Management on Sediment and Phosphorus Losses from Pastures PDF
IA Effect of Swine Waste Effluent Field Application on Tn916 Content of Surface Waters PDF
IA Predicting Sorption, Mobility, Accumulation, and Degradation Potential of Antibiotics in Iowa's Soil/Water Environment PDF
IA Estimation of the Nutrient Load to Clear Lake from Groundwater Using Analytic Element and Parameter Estimation Models PDF
IA Modeling, GIS, and Technology Transfer in Support of TMDL Development and Implementation in Iowa PDF
IA Occurrence and Formation of Nitrosamines in Drinking Water Distribution Systems PDF
IA Effect of Liquid Swine Manure Application on Water Quality from Soil Infiltration Areas and Wetlands PDF
IA Evaluating the Effectiveness of Restored Wetlands for Reducing Nutrient Losses from Agricultural Watersheds PDF
ID Factors Controlling the Availability of Phosphorous for Transport into Surface Waters from Manure Amended Soils in Southern Idaho PDF
ID Statistical Model Development for Predicting Winter and Spring Precipitation Over Northern Idaho PDF
ID Integrated Drinking Water Protection on the Clearwater Plateau of Idaho, including the Nez Perce Tribe Reservation PDF
ID Phosphorus Source/Sink Dynamics in a Flood-Irrigated Agricultural System PDF
IL Multi-Objective Decision Support Tools for Protection of Streams in Urbanizing Watersheds PDF
IL Integrated Engineering and Geomorphological Analysis for Assessing the Performance of Bendway Weirs in Southern Illinois PDF
IN Information Infrastructure for the NIWR Water Science Support Network PDF
KS Measuring Seepage Losses from Waste-treatment Lagoons: A Simplified Water balance Approach for Use By Government Agencies, Consultants, and Industry PDF
KS A field assessment of direct-push technology for site characterization investigations - Year Two PDF
KY Retirement and restoration of forest roads in steep terrain: Influence on nonpoint source pollution and hillslope hydrology PDF
KY Where have all the yellow perch (Perca flavescens) gone: Are endocrine disruptors (Xenoestrogens) involved? PDF
KY Developmental stability as an indicator of amphibian population health and environmental degradation PDF
KY Bacterial ratios and neural networks for modeling Kentucky River water quality PDF
KY Does waste amendment affect abiotic N cycling in soils by naturally occurring reactive Fe(II)? PDF
LA Development of a Two Dimensional High Spatial Resolution Storm Surge Simulation Model for Single Processors and Distributed Computing Clusters PDF
LA Storm Water Transport of Particulate Matter From Elevated Urban Transportation Corridors into Waterways of Louisiana - The Role of Partitioning and Implications For Treatment PDF
LA Determining Uncertainty in Capture Zones and Interference from High Volume Wells PDF
LA Fecal Coliform Concentrations in Runoff from Fields with Applied Dairy Manure PDF
MA Sources and behavior of copper-binding compounds in rivers and estuaries PDF
MA Monitoring Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water: Strategies for Small Utilities PDF
MD Sustainable Oil and Grease Removal from Stormwater Runoff Hotspots using Bioretention PDF
MD Atmospheric Deposition of Currently Used Pesticides to Chesapeake Bay Watersheds PDF
MD Summer Assistantships in Water Resources Research PDF
ME Do Microorganisms Control Arsenic Mobility in Groundwater? PDF
ME A Pilot Estuarine Component to the PEARL Database PDF
ME A Seed Grant for Determining the Risk of Exposure to Dioxin and PCBs in Natural Water PDF
ME Seepage Lakes as Indicators of Climate Change: Is Maine Really Cooling? PDF
ME Seed Project to Determine the Fate of MtBE in Groundwater in Maine. PDF
ME Information Transfer PDF
MI Building a Landscape Context for Lake Ecological Processes PDF
MI Legal, Financial, and Institutional Frameworks for Watershed Planning and Management PDF
MI Information Dissemination and Technology Transfer PDF
MI Natural Resources Integrated Information System PDF
MI Watershed Based Optimization Approach for Identification and Management of Non-Point Source Pollution PDF
MN Basic Water Resources Center Grant PDF
MN Eutrophication and Remediation in Context: High-Resolution Study PDF
MN A Novel in situ technology for the treatment of groundwater contaminated with agriculturally-derived nitrate PDF
MN Paleohydrologic response of the Mississippi Headwaters watershed to Holocene climate change PDF
MN Fluorochemicals in Minnesota Waters: An Emerging Environmental Issue PDF
MO Identifying Reference Stream Reaches for Comprehensive bioassessment PDF
MO Characterization and Biological Effect Study of Endocrine Disruptors in Effluents from Missouri Sewage Treatment Plants PDF
MO Spatial Distribution, Geochemistry, and Sources of Phosphorus and Metals in Bottom Sediments in the James River Arm of Table Rock Lake PDF
MS A Single Technology for Remediating PDAs, Nitro/Nitrate Residues, PCBs, CAHs, Herbicides and Pesticides from Soils and Sludges with Na/Nh3. PDF
MS Screening of Environmental Contaminants Detected in Mississippi Sediments as Inducers and/or Inhibitors of CYP1B1 Expression in Channel Catfish PDF
MS Spatial Pattern in Land Use: Its Role in Determining Surface Water Quality PDF
MT Determination of the maximum weight radio transmitter that can be implanted in westslope cutthroat trout without affecting swimming performance: A challenge to the "2% rule" PDF
MT Enhanced Wet Air Oxidation of Sediment and Soil Contaminated with Recalcitrant Organic Compounds PDF
MT MTBE Biobarriers in Stream Sediments PDF
MT Development of an internet mapping application to allow spatial queries and data extraction from the MBMG Abandoned/Inactive Mine database PDF
NC Reuse of Wastewater from Septic Systems PDF
NC Effect of Riparian Buffers on Removal of Nutrients and Sediment in Urban Streams PDF
NC Role of Sediment Processes in Regulating Water Quality in the Cape Fear River PDF
ND Effects of Fathead Minnows and Drainage on Wetland Ecosystems PDF
ND Physical and environmental factors influencing the periphyton communities of the Sheyenne River, North Dakota PDF
ND Graduate Research Fellowships PDF
ND New Methods to Detect Chlorinated Organic Pollutants in Water PDF
NE Information Transfer PDF
NE Director's Budget PDF
NE Evaluation of Conductive Properties of the Surficial Aquifer in the Nebraska Sand Hills PDF
NE Investigation of Directional Hydraulic Conductivities of Streambeds and Evaluation of Their Roles in Stream-Aquifer Interactions PDF
NE Investigation of Microbially-Influenced Copper Corrosion in Nebraska Drinking Water Systems PDF
NH Effect of Surface Coatings and Ionic Strength on Bacterial Removal Rates in Porous Media PDF
NH Developing Phosphorus Management Guidelines for Agriculture in the Connecticut River Watershed PDF
NH Effects of Biosolids on Groundwater Quality PDF
NH Effects of Land Use on Water Quality in a Changing Landscape PDF
NJ A Continuation Proposal: Factors controlling methylmercury degradation in Pine Barrens lakes and the Meadowlands PDF
NJ The effects of water quality and habitat modification on benthic macroinvertebrates in urban forested wetlands in northeastern New Jersey PDF
NJ Human Components of Exotic Species Invasion in Urban Forested Wetlands PDF
NJ Vapor phase UV Destruction of organic contaminants PDF
NJ Pilot Study on the Use of Hydrogen Release Compounds for PCE Enhanced Biodegradation in Fractured Rock Aquifers PDF
NJ Effects of the Biopollutant, Phragmites australis, On the Nutritional Status (Biochemical Condition) of Juvenile Weakfish PDF
NM Geographic Information System for Water Resources Research Planning PDF
NM Genetic Techniques for the Verification and Monitoring of Dihaloethane Biodegradation in New Mexico Aquifers PDF
NM Information Transfer Program PDF
NV Assessment of Groundwater Recharge in Mine-Altered Regions of Nevada PDF
NV A Method to Determine the Effects of Fire, Restoration, and Invasive Species on Local and Regional Hydrology in the Great Basin by the Use of Environmental Tracers PDF
NV Evaluation of Ecosystem Metabolism at Selected Sites in the Lower Truckee River Basin PDF
NY Microbial indicators: new tools for assessing phosphorus eutrophication PDF
NY Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sediment Attenuation Capacities of Wetland Plants within the Nanticoke Creek Corridor PDF
NY An investigation into the mechanisms controlling storm water quality improvement by a large, stream-outflow wetland draining into Irondequoit Bay, Lake Ontario, New York PDF
NY An interactive, Internet-based, nonpoint source pollution modeling system for improving landscape management PDF
NY Epidemiologic Risk Analysis of Cryptosporidium parvum in Watershed: the Role of Genetic Variation Among Isolates PDF
NY Director's Office Information Transfer PDF
NY Cayuga Lake Watershed Education Program Web-linked Interactive CD-ROM PDF
NY Best Management: Transforming Principles into Practice in New York Greenhouses PDF
OH Preventing the Initiation of Biofouling of Membrane Bioreactors in Wastewater Treatment PDF
OH Origin and Transport of Radioactive Ra-226 in Coal-Mine Effluent, Perry County, Ohio PDF
OH Sediment Loads and Conservation Tillage in the Maumee River Watershed PDF
OH Hydrological reconnection of a coastal wetland to Lake Erie: potential for outwelling of organic matter? PDF
OH The interactive effects of hydrology and fertility on synthesized wetland plant communities PDF
OK Springs in Peril: Have Changes in Groundwater Input Affected Oklahoma Springs? PDF

Enhanced Life-Cycle Assessment (ELCA): Analysis to Guide Environmental Technology Implementation

OK Resistance Tomographic Imaging, Digital Mapping, and Immersion Visualization of Evaporite Karst in Western Oklahoma PDF
OR Web-based Data Analysis and Distribution Technology for Watershed Datasets PDF
OR Investigation of Groundwater Recharge and Agricultural Runoff through Willamette Silt, Oregon PDF
OR Interactive Web Site for Streamflow Evaluations in Watershed & Habitat Restoration Planning PDF
OR US Transboundary Waters: Interstate Waters, Interstate Compacts PDF
PA Acid Water Mitigation Methods PDF
PA Environmental and Hydrodynamic Impacts of Recreational Watercraft on Shallow Lakes PDF
PA In-line Coagulation for Microfiltration PDF
PR Development of Novel Dual-Function Media Matrix for Protecting Water Resources from Noxious Organic Wastes - Phase II PDF
RI Treatment of Roadway Runoff PDF
RI Phytoremediation of Aged Aromatic Contaminants in Soil Using White Lupin PDF
RI Membranes for Gyclodextrin Enhanced Removal of Toxics from Groundwater PDF
RI Contaminant Transport at the Picillo Superfund Site, Coventry, Rhode Island PDF
RI Reservoir and Dam Design Capstone Project PDF
RI Wet Weather Characterization of Selected Rhode Island Baseline Monitoring Stations PDF
SC Non-point Source Runoff and Water Quality in a Rapidly Growing Urban Watershed PDF
SC Using Spatial Techniques to Assess the Contribution of Animal Agriculture on Watershed Impairment for the Saluda River Watershed in South Carolina PDF
SC Reservoir Shoreline Erosion and Sediment Deposition with Cohesive Sediments PDF
SD Lipid Geochemistry of Waters and Sediments in a Prairie Pothole Hydrologic System PDF
SD Arsenic Remediation of Drinking Water: Phase II PDF
SD Factors Affecting Nutrient Availability and Primary Productivity in Black Hills Reservoirs PDF
SD Alternative Conservation Practices to Improve Soil and Water Quality PDF
SD Hydraulic Calibration of the Upper Soil Layers in a Glacial Till System PDF
SD Information Transfer PDF
TN Investigation of Factors Controlling Transport of Microbial Pathogens in Saprolite Soils PDF
TN Constructed Wetland Cleanup of Pirtle's Container Nursery Runoff PDF
TX Texas Groundwater Management and Global Applications PDF
TX Incorporation of Salinity in Evaluating Water Availability PDF
TX Conditional Reliability Modeling to Support Short-Term River Basin Management Decisions PDF
TX Arsenic Concentrations in Water Resources of the Choke Canyon/Lake Corpus Christi Reservoir Systems: Surface and Ground Waters PDF
TX Plankton succession: Investigations regarding new approaches to management PDF
TX Sublethal Effects of Cadmium and Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate Mixtures on Pimephales promelas Exposure and Effect Endpoints: Laboratory and Field Assessments PDF
TX Determination of Regional Scale Evapotranspiration of Texas from NOAA-AVHRR satellite PDF
TX Regional Economic Impacts of Aquifer Decline in the Southern High Plains of Texas PDF
TX Fluctuating environmental parameters in red drum nursery habitats: the influence of habitat quality on larval growth and endocrine function PDF
TX Resolution of Fluvial Sediment Sources, Residence Times and Resuspension Using Lithogenic, Atmospheric and Cosmogenic Radionuclides, Bayou Loco, Texas PDF
TX Towards an Integrated Water Policy Planning Model for the Texas High Plains PDF
TX Information Transfer PDF
UT Source Water Protection Assessment Tools Development PDF
UT Information Transfer Plan PDF
VA Information Dissemination PDF
VA Administration PDF
VI Teaching an Intensive Short Course on Water Resources, Coastal Hazards, and Coral Reef Degradation PDF
VI Applicable Indicators of Risk for Coastal Waters in Tropical Environments: Phase II PDF
VT Lagrangian Drifters Within Lake Champlain Feasibility Study PDF
VT Identification of Candidate Parcels for Riparian Buffers: Reducing Fecal Contamination of Vermont Surface Waters PDF
WA Biodegradation of Non-Point Source Pollutants in Soap Lake, Washington PDF
WA Dye Tracers for Vadose Zone Hydrology PDF
WA Statewide Outreach and Information Transfer PDF
WI Removal of As(III) and As(V) in Contaminated Ground Water with Thin-Film Microporous Oxide Adsorbents PDF
WI Importance of Groundwater in Production and Transport of Methyl Mercury PDF
WI A Basin-Scale Denitrification Budget for a Nitrate Contaminated Wisconsin Aquifer PDF
WI Information Transfer (IT) Plan PDF
WV Water Quality Measurement in Polishing Ponds of AMD Treatment Plants for Selection of Commercial Aquaculture Sites and Waste Management Studies PDF
WV Aquaculture Waste Control and Optimizing Nutrient Utilitization Trough Diet Composition and Feeding Strategies PDF
WY Hydrologic Impacts of Improved Irrigation Efficiencies and Land Use Changes PDF
WY Erosion Potential Model Development and Channel Monitoring PDF
WY Testing of Hydrologic Models for Estimating Streamflow in Mountainous Areas of Wyoming PDF
WY Product Accessibility and Dissemination for the Water Research Program at the University of Wyoming PDF
WY Field Evaluation of the Fate of Wastewater Components from Septic Systems PDF
WY Combining Modern and Paleo-Climate Data to Enhance Drought Prediction and Response PDF

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