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2000 National Competitive Grants

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Abstracts are also available in Adobe® (.PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® you can download a free copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® here. Also see Adobe® accessibility information, Information for users with disabilities, if applicable.

CA Dynamic Chemical Loads as a Function of Land-Use Changes in a Watershed [PDF]
MN In Situ Measurement of Denitrification in Agricultural Streams [PDF]
NJ Wetlands in urban regions: connections among wetland structure, wetland function and regional water quality. [PDF]
NY A Watershed-Scale Biogeochemical Loading Model for Nitrogen and Phosphorus [PDF]
OH Methodology for estimating Total Maximum Daily Load in Watersheds with Considerable Ground-Water Surface-Water Interaction. [PDF]
UT Development of a GIS-Based Approach for Better Statewide Water Use Estimation [PDF]
WA Integration of Surface Irrigation Techniques to Reduce Sediment and Nutrient Loading in The Yakima River Basin [PDF]
WI Watershed Transport and Transformations of Atmospherically Derived Mercury: A Whole Ecosystem Amendment Study [PDF]

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