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Title: WV WRRI Information Transfer

Keywords: Information Transfer

Duration: March 1, 2000 - February 28, 2001

Fiscal Year 2000 Funds:


Non-Federal Funds Allocated:

$20,447 $13,390 $7,056
(Total) (Direct) (Indirect)

Principal Investigator:

Paul F. Ziemkiewicz, Director
West Virginia Water Resources Research Institute (WV WRRI)

As recommended by the State Water Resources Research Institute Evaluation Panel, the WV WRRI is developing the following information transfer program.

Update the WV WRRI Website to include:

Overview of WV water resources issues,

Road map of organizations, agencies involved in addressing the problems,

Summaries of research projects over the past 10 years,

WV water resources research priorities,

Links to useful sites such as USGS stream flow data,

Announcements for RFPs, workshops, etc.


Develop a newsletter

Over the next year try to organize the numerous water related meetings, workshops etc into a single WV Water Conference under WV WRRI management.

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