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Title: Information Transfer: Development of a website for the Rhode Island Water Resources Center

Focus Categories: EDU

Descriptors: Information Transfer

Duration: March 1, 2000 to February 28, 2001

Y - Federal Funds:                       ( $4593)                       ($4,593 )                    ( 0 )
                                                         Total                             Direct                    Indirect

Non-Federal Funds Allocated:      ( $9,312 )                     ($4,727)               ($4,585)
                                                          Total                             Direct                   Indirect

Principal Investigators

George Tsiatas, Civil & Env. Engineering, University of Rhode Island, Kingston.

Congressional District of University Performing Research: No. 2

Critical Problems

Immediate access to current information and state of the art research findings is important for sound decision making and an informed public.


Nature, Scope and Objectives of the Research

The objective of the project is to develop a website for the Rhode Island Water Resources Center. The website will inform the public about the functions of the Center including the activities of research, education and public service of the Center. In addition, information on funding agencies and research opportunities will be provided. The information posted will be updated periodically.

Methods, Procedures, and Facilities:

The website development will be accomplished in three phases. Phase I will concentrate on information collection and the design of the website. Information on current and recent activities of the center will be assembled, including background information on the mission of the center, research projects funded or currently under way, links to funding agencies, links to home pages of investigators funded by the center., etc. It is expected that during this planning stage there will be transfer of information between the Center Director and the PI. Any additional information such as pictures, logos, etc will be assembled and further needs will be identified.

During Phase II the actual coding of the site will take place. Phase III will be a trial period to troubleshoot any problems, test links, make modifications, etc. Obviously, there will be quite a bit of overlap between the three phases.

The website will be hosted in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Server. This is a Gateway Pentium machine running Windows NT server.

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