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Title: Analysis and Information Transfer of Northwest Water Law Policy Project, Jack McDonald, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College


The Northwest Water Law and Policy Project has developed an impressive body of work related to regional water policy. This study will be directed toward a comprehensive analysis of the results of the water project to determine proposed reforms in the region's water law and policy. In addition, the entire collection of studies and reports of the water project will be made available through the OWRRI web site for lawmakers, government agency personnel, interest groups, activists, and scholars.

Duration: February 1, 2000 - January 31, 2001

Fiscal Year 2000 Funds Requested: Total $3,500
Direct $3,500
Indirect $0

Matching Funds to be Allocated: Total $8,505

Direct $7,000
Indirect $1,505

Principal Investigator(s):

Jack McDonald, Assistant Director Northwest Water Law & Policy Project Northwestern School of Law Lewis & Clark College 10015 S.W. Terwilliger Blvd. Portland, Oregon 97219-7799

Key Collaborators:

Michael Blumm, Co-director, Northwest Water Law and Policy Project Janet Neuman, Co-director, Northwest Water Law and Policy Project

Congressional District: Oregon #2

Critical Need for Research

Decision makers for water policy in Pacific Northwest and especially the Columbia River Basin need a source of independent information, reasoned analysis, and new ideas. Issues related ta PNW water resources become more critical each year and now include endangered species listings of salmon and steelhead, declining groundwater e levels, widespread water quality problems, and inefficient water use practices by agriculture, industry, and urban users.

Expected Results, Benefits, and Information

The Northwest Water Law & Policy Project, located at Lewis and Clark College, has developed a substantial body of knowledge related to PNW water policy over its five years of existence. The Project has generated over 30 research and policy studies and has developed considerable experience through its basinwide analyses. The studies provide accurate and understandable information on current law and policy.

The results of this work would be to provide improved information transfer of the results of the Water Project to water policy decision makers in the Pacific Northwest.

Goals and Objectives

1. To make water policy and analysis information from the Pacific Northwest Water Law & Policy Project available in electronic format through the OWRRI web site.

2. To analyze the existing information base to determine future directions and improvements in water policy for the PNW.

Methods, Procedures, and Facilities

It proposed to fund an analysis of the present findings of the Water Project's research and policy studies. Presently, the Project has over 30 publications as shown in the attachment. The analysis will look for future directions and improvements in water policy that should be further examined by the Project or other agencies. This analysis will be conducted by Michael Blumm and Janet Neuman, Co-directors of the project.

The present reports and studies of the project will be organized, scanned, and made available on a web server at Lewis and Clark College. The server will be linked to the OWRRI web page. The access to the information on the web page will be designed to provide interested parties the ability to search the material by topic, author, or title.

Technology Transfer:

The primary technology transfer method will be through use of the OWRRI web site. The publications of the Pacific Northwest Water Law & Policy Project will be electronically stored on the site and will able to be searched and downloaded.

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