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Title: FY 2000 Ohio Water Research Institute Program: Information Transfer Activities

Congressional District: 15th

Keywords: N/A

FY 98 Federal Funds:         $18,178                        ($18,178)                        ($0)
                                              Direct                             Indirect

Principal Investigator and University: Earl Whitlatch, The Ohio State University

A series of tasks will be continued to transfer and disseminate information and technology developed by researchers affiliated with the Water Resources Center to a wide range of state, federal, county, and municipal agencies; to the private sector, academic community, and to private citizens throughout Ohio.

Task 1: Water Luncheon Seminars

The Water Resources Center (WRC) will continue to co-sponsor a bi-monthly Water Luncheon Seminar Program for the water resources community of Central Ohio. This program, which was developed coop­eratively with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), District Office of the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the Cooperative Extension Service of The Ohio State University, contin­ues to attract more than 350 water resources professionals annually from federal, state, county, and municipal agencies, the private sector, and the academic community. The seminar series provides a forum to discuss current state, federal, and local water policy issues, problems, programs, and research results. In addition to providing the speaker for one meeting a year, the WRC provides the administrative and financial support for producing and mailing the announcements and organizing the seminars. The WRC also provides technical equipment to assist speakers with their presentations.

Task 2: WATER Newsletter

The WRC will continue to meet with leading water resources officials in the state for purposes of sharing information on current water management and policy issues; seeking continued support for our water research program and disseminating the information and technology developed through this program and others at universities throughout the state and region. The center will also continue to publish its news­letter “WATER,” which focuses on Ohio’s water research, technology, current issues, legislation in proc­ess, education, and center activities. WATER has a wide circulation that includes public officials, water managers throughout Ohio, university researchers both statewide and nationwide, and the general public. It has been well received.

Task 3: Water Management Association of Ohio (WMAO)

Since August 1989, WRC has been the administrative and communications center for WMAO. This not-for-profit, 300 member, statewide organization promotes and supports the development, conservation, control, protection, and utilization of water resources in Ohio for all beneficial purposes. WMAO is the only Ohio organization that is solely concerned with managing Ohio’s water. WRC provides staff sup­port, office space, and equipment to WMAO as a portion of the information transfer program.

Task 4: Ohio Water Education Program (OWEP)

The WRC continues to provide administrative and financial support to carry this educational program to Ohio’s primary and secondary students in grades K-12. The Center will assist in introducing Ohio teach­ers to the Water Education for Teachers (WET) program through facilitator workshops and administrative support. WET is co-sponsored by the Division of Water, Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The focus has been to provide Ohio educators training in Ohio’s water resources. Providing administrative and financial support for initial training workshops, materials, and publications are ways the WRC will con­tinue to be involved.

Task 5: Water Resources Center’s Library

WRC has maintained a library of water resources-related publications since 1965 and will continue to provide support for the operation of this service.

Task 6: Directory of Water Resources Research at Ohio Colleges and Universities

Federal and state agencies have indicated a need for both historical and state-of-the-art information on water resources research being carried out at colleges and universities throughout Ohio. WRC will develop a report indexed by key word, author, subject, geographic area, river basin, and sub-basin. An important part of the report will be the theses and dissertations, and the research done by university fac­ulty, university departments, and university research centers. This will be an on-going activity of WRC.

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