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Title: Lakes Lay Monitoring Program

Ille Lakes Lay Monitoring Program is an ongoing effort between the state of NH and the University of New Harnpshire. The objective of the program is to provide a long-teIm assessrnent of water quality in the state's lakes. Lakes are a critically imporl:ant component of the state's envirorunental and economic health. Tourism provides a significant fraction of the state's economic base, and high water quality drives much tourism activity. The ecological health of the state is also tied to the health of its lakes. Lakes provide much of the state's biodiversity as ~velI as a quantitatively significant fraction ofthe state's total aquatic habitat.

Water samples are taken at approximately monthly intervals through the ice-ilee penod in most of New Hampshire's major lakes. A total of over 100 lakes is sampled each year. Water samples are analyzed for chlorophyll a and totaI phosphorus; in situ monitoring of dissolved oxygen and Secchi depth are conducted by the volunteers.

In the Lakes Lay Monitonng Prograrn, volunteers collect water samples and (Jniversity personnel provide technical supervision of the collection efforts and ~vater quaIity analyses. Funds provided to the Prograrn by the state of NH are used to organize the citizen Yolunteers and analyze the water samples. The role of the WRRC in this partnership is to provide assistance in the data synthesis and analysis necessary to derive the maxirnum benefit from this project for citizens of ~he state of New Harnpshire. In the coming year, the NTIWRRC ~vill fimd a porhon f the sala~y of Je~ey Schloss, the scientist who is involved in statistical analysis of long-terrn tTends in lake water quality. W~C staff will assist in developing links to the NHWRRC web site, and fur :l~er developing that \veb site so that ~t provides ma~mum utility to the citizens of the state.

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