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Title: Graduate Student Research Fellowships

Focus Category: EDUCATION (EDU)

Descriptors: Education

Duration: March 2000 to February 2001

FY 1999 Federal Funds: $68,178

Project Director:

Dr. Gregory J. McCarthy, Director
North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute

Congressional District: First

Description of Program

One objective of the Section 104 Water Resources Research Grant Program is to ensure the future availability of water research professionals. Eight years ago, the Institute decided to broaden its training opportunities by offering competitive summer fellowships to North Dakota State University (NDSU) and University of North Dakota (UND) graduate students who are proposing or performing research on a water resources topic. This project addressed an important gap in support for graduate student research. It is often the case that graduate students hold teaching assistantships during the academic year, but have little or no summer support for their thesis research. In FY 1999, the fellowship program was extended to cover the summer plus an additional semester.

This fellowship program will be continued into FY 2000. Announcements of the program have been distributed electronically to faculty at NDSU and UND who do water resources research, and have been published in the weekly university newsletters at the two universities, It's Happening at State at North Dakota State University, and University Letter at the University of North Dakota. A copy of the announcement is shown on the next page.

It is anticipated that seven $7,500 fellowships will be awarded in February of 2000.

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