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Title: Undergraduate Student Internships

Federal Funding:

$68,178           $68,178           $ -0-
Total                Direct               Indirect

Non-Federal Funding:

$136,356         $101,758         $34,598
Total                Direct               Indirect

Institute Director: Dr. J. Thomas Sims

Objectives and Expectations

Water policy issues and management problems on which the Delaware Water Resources Center research program is focused. The Delaware Water Resources Center (DWRC) research program has always focused on issues of regional importance to both water quality and water quantity. The six major issues addressed in past DWRC research projects have included: (1) Ground water quality; (2) Surface water quality; (3) Nonpoint source pollution; (4) Development of ground water; (5) Impact of hydrologic extremes; and (6) Socio-economic factors in water management. The FY2001DWRC research program will focus on issues (1), (2), (3), (4) and (6) by supporting undergraduate student internships and a Water Resources Conference.

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