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Title: Developing An Online Climatic Data Dissemination System for the State of Connecticut

Focus categories: M&P

Keywords: Climate, Date storage and retrieval, Information dissemination, Planning, Rainfall, Risk management, Storm water management, System analysis, Urban planning, Weather data collection

Duration: 03/2000 to 02/2001

Federal funds: $5,000

Non-Federal funds: $14,140

Principal investigator’s name(s) and university:

Xiusheng (Harrison) Yang, University of Connecticut

Congressional district of university where the research is to be conducted: Second

Statement of critical regional or State water problems

Connecticut is an urbanized state. Urban planning and development requires accurate assessment of climatic data regarding available water resources and quality. For example, Fairfield county in southwest Connecticut is largely dependent on reservoirs for drinking water supply. The amount and variation of precipitation in the related watersheds are critical for management and planning, especially during abnormal climate conditions. This year, Connecticut experienced very bad drought that not only caused severe damages to agricultural crops but also threatened the water supply for a large area of the State. Unfortunately, the State does not have an information system that could quickly respond to many inquires from the local government agencies, industry, and concerned groups and individuals regarding the climate data, including the historical statistics, trends, current conditions, and future expectation. Such deficiency in dissemination of climate data and information may affect the efficiency in water management and planning for the region.

Statement of results or benefits

This project proposes to establish an online climate center for the State of Connecticut to provide the basic climate data for water management and planning. The center will be a web based information dissemination system that open to public to provide the basic yet relevant climate data of the State. Thirty-year descriptive statistics of monthly climate data will be provided based on the data collection and analysis recently done at the University of Connecticut. Daily climate data for selected stations and current meteorological conditions will be included by linking the site to the national and regional and climate centers. Direct linkages to official information sources will also be established for those who need specific data sets.

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