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National Water-Use Data Archive

Water-resources subregion data sets by State (compressed MSDOS format)

From this page you can download water-use data sets from the National Water-Use Data Archive to your computer. This area contains water-resources subregion data files, by state, in compressed MSDOS format. (Note: You do not need special software to uncompress these files). Data files are also available in compressed UNIX and plain ASCII format.

To download any of the files listed below, just click on the 'hotlinked' file name.

Note: Netscape does not seem to be able to download these files to your disk...if you find this happens, then download the plain ASCII files instead.

Water-Use data dictionary Get help on data-file types and data definitions.

          1990         1985                        1990          1985   
State     file         file              State     file          file   
-----  ----------    ----------          -----  ----------    ----------
 AK    ak90w4.exe    ak85w4.exe           AL    al90w4.exe    al85w4.exe 
 AR    ar90w4.exe    ar85w4.exe           AZ    az90w4.exe    az85w4.exe 
 CA    ca90w4.exe    ca85w4.exe           CO    co90w4     co85w4 
 CT    ct90w4.exe    ct85w4.exe           DC    dc90w4.exe    dc85w4.exe 
 DE    de90w4.exe    de85w4.exe           FL    fl90w4.exe    fl85w4.exe 
 GA    ga90w4.exe    ga85w4.exe           HI    hi90w4.exe    hi85w4.exe 
 IA    ia90w4.exe    ia85w4.exe           ID    id90w4.exe    id85w4.exe 
 IL    il90w4.exe    il85w4.exe           IN    in90w4.exe    in85w4.exe 
 KS    ks90w4.exe    ks85w4.exe           KY    ky90w4.exe    ky85w4.exe 
 LA    la90w4.exe    la85w4.exe           MA    ma90w4.exe    ma85w4.exe 
 MD    md90w4.exe    md85w4.exe           ME    me90w4.exe    me85w4.exe 
 MI    mi90w4.exe    mi85w4.exe           MN    mn90w4.exe    mn85w4.exe 
 MO    mo90w4.exe    mo85w4.exe           MS    ms90w4.exe    ms85w4.exe 
 MT    mt90w4.exe    mt85w4.exe           NC    nc90w4.exe    nc85w4.exe 
 ND    nd90w4.exe    nd85w4.exe           NE    ne90w4.exe    ne85w4.exe 
 NH    nh90w4.exe    nh85w4.exe           NJ    nj90w4.exe    nj85w4.exe 
 NM    nm90w4.exe    nm85w4.exe           NV    nv90w4.exe    nv85w4.exe 
 NY    ny90w4.exe    ny85w4.exe           OH    oh90w4.exe    oh85w4.exe 
 OK    ok90w4.exe    ok85w4.exe           OR    or90w4.exe    or85w4.exe 
 PA    pa90w4.exe    pa85w4.exe           PR    pr90w4.exe    pr85w4.exe 
 RI    ri90w4.exe    ri85w4.exe           SC    sc90w4.exe    sc85w4.exe 
 SD    sd90w4.exe    sd85w4.exe           TN    tn90w4.exe    tn85w4.exe 
 TX    tx90w4.exe    tx85w4.exe           UT    ut90w4.exe    ut85w4.exe 
 VA    va90w4.exe    va85w4.exe           VI    vi90w4.exe    vi85w4.exe 
 VT    vt90w4.exe    vt85w4.exe           WA    wa90w4.exe    wa85w4.exe 
 WI    wi90w4.exe    wi85w4.exe           WV    wv90w4.exe    wv85w4.exe 
 WY    wy90w4.exe    wy85w4.exe  

All 1985 files in a single file --->> us85w4st.exe (1300 KB)
All 1990 files in a single file --->> us90w4st.exe (1050 Kb)

Be sure to download the water-use data dictionary also! (You'll only need it once - it describes all of USGS's water-use data files and data elements).

USGS Water Use in the United States

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