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National Water-Use Data Archive (Reference lists files)

At the beginning of every line of data in the water-use data files (refer to the water-use data dictionary) there is a code specifying what 'area' the data is for. These 'FIPS' codes will tell you, for example, that the data is for county 031 in Georgia. The files below are lists of the FIPS codes and the corresponding names.

To download any of the files listed below, just click on the 'hotlinked' file name.

(NOTE!! When downloading, be sure to have your browser option set to 'download to your local disk' and not to the screen!)

           Water-         Water-       |               Water-          Water-
          resources     resources      |              resources      resources
County    subregion     cataloging     |    County    subregion      cataloging 
 file       file        unit file      |     file       file         unit file
------    ---------     ----------     |    ------    ---------      ----------
 AK          AK            AK          |      AL         AL              AL
 AR          AR            AR          |      AZ         AZ              AZ
 CA          CA            CA          |      CO         CO              CO
 CT          CT            CT          |      DC         DC              DC
 DE          DE            DE          |      FL         FL              FL
 GA          GA            GA          |      HI         HI              HI
 IA          IA            IA          |      ID         ID              ID
 IL          IL            IL          |      IN         IN              IN
 KS          KS            KS          |      KY         KY              KY
 LA          LA            LA          |      MA         MA              MA
 MD          MD            MD          |      ME         ME              ME
 MI          MI            MI          |      MN         MN              MN
 MO          MO            MO          |      MS         MS              MS
 MT          MT            MT          |      NC         NC              NC
 ND          ND            ND          |      NE         NE              NE
 NH          NH            NH          |      NJ         NJ              NJ
 NM          NM            NM          |      NV         NV              NV
 NY          NY            NY          |      OH         OH              OH
 OK          OK            OK          |      OR         OR              OR
 PA          PA            PA          |      PR         PR              PR
 RI          RI            RI          |      SC         SC              SC
 SD          SD            SD          |      TN         TN              TN
 TX          TX            TX          |      UT         UT              UT
 VA          VA            VA          |      VI         VI              VI
 VT          VT            VT          |      WA         WA              WA
 WI          WI            WI          |      WV         WV              WV
 WY          WY            WY

All US counties in a single file (60 Kb)
All US water-resources regions in a single file
All US water-resources subregions in a single file
All US water-resources cataloging units in a single file (52 Kb)

USGS Water Use in the United States

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