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National Water-Use Data Archive

County data sets by State (compressed UNIX format)

From this page you can download water-use data sets from the National Water-Use Data Archive to your computer. This area contains county data files, by state, in compressed UNIX format. Data files are also available in compressed MSDOS format, or in plain ASCII format.

To download any of the files listed below, just click on the 'hotlinked' file name.

Water-Use data dictionary Get help on data-file types and data definitions.

(NOTE!! When downloading, be sure to have your browser option set to 'download to your local disk' and not to the screen!)

         1990         1985        File                  1990         1985       File
State    file         file        size        State     file         file       size
-----  --------     --------     ------       -----   --------     --------     ------
 AK    ak90co.gz    ak85co.gz      5 Kb         AL    al90co.gz    al85co.gz     14 Kb
 AR    ar90co.gz    ar85co.gz     14 Kb         AZ    az90co.gz    az85co.gz      4 Kb
 CA    ca90co.gz    ca85co.gz     15 Kb         CO    co90co.gz    co85co.gz     14 Kb
 CT    ct90co.gz    ct85co.gz      3 Kb         DC    dc90co.gz    dc85co.gz      1 Kb
 DE    de90co.gz    de85co.gz      1 Kb         FL    fl90co.gz    fl85co.gz     16 Kb
 GA    ga90co.gz    ga85co.gz     26 Kb         HI    hi90co.gz    hi85co.gz      2 Kb
 IA    ia90co.gz    ia85co.gz     17 Kb         ID    id90co.gz    id85co.gz      9 Kb
 IL    il90co.gz    il85co.gz     20 Kb         IN    in90co.gz    in85co.gz     18 Kb
 KS    ks90co.gz    ks85co.gz     19 Kb         KY    ky90co.gz    ky85co.gz     19 Kb
 LA    la90co.gz    la85co.gz     13 Kb         MA    ma90co.gz    ma85co.gz      4 Kb
 MD    md90co.gz    md85co.gz      6 Kb         ME    me90co.gz    me85co.gz      4 Kb
 MI    mi90co.gz    mi85co.gz     18 Kb         MN    mn90co.gz    mn85co.gz     16 Kb
 MO    mo90co.gz    mo85co.gz     19 Kb         MS    ms90co.gz    ms85co.gz     15 Kb
 MT    mt90co.gz    mt85co.gz     11 Kb         NC    nc90co.gz    nc85co.gz     19 Kb
 ND    nd90co.gz    nd85co.gz      9 Kb         NE    ne90co.gz    ne85co.gz     18 Kb
 NH    nh90co.gz    nh85co.gz      3 Kb         NJ    nj90co.gz    nj85co.gz      6 Kb
 NM    nm90co.gz    nm85co.gz      7 Kb         NV    nv90co.gz    nv85co.gz      5 Kb
 NY    ny90co.gz    ny85co.gz     15 Kb         OH    oh90co.gz    oh85co.gz     18 Kb
 OK    ok90co.gz    ok85co.gz     15 Kb         OR    or90co.gz    or85co.gz      9 Kb
 PA    pa90co.gz    pa85co.gz     15 Kb         PR    pr90co.gz    pr85co.gz     11 Kb
 RI    ri90co.gz    ri85co.gz      2 Kb         SC    sc90co.gz    sc85co.gz     10 Kb
 SD    sd90co.gz    sd85co.gz     11 Kb         TN    tn90co.gz    tn85co.gz     17 Kb
 TX    tx90co.gz    tx85co.gz     46 Kb         UT    ut90co.gz    ut85co.gz      7 Kb
 VA    va90co.gz    va85co.gz     20 Kb         VI    vi90co.gz    vi85co.gz      1 Kb
 VT    vt90co.gz    vt85co.gz      3 Kb         WA    wa90co.gz    wa85co.gz     10 Kb
 WI    wi90co.gz    wi85co.gz     14 Kb         WV    wv90co.gz    wv85co.gz     11 Kb
 WY    wy90co.gz    wy85co.gz      6 Kb        

All 1985 files in a single file --->> us85cost.tar (520 Kb)
All 1990 files in a single file --->> us90cost.tar (590 Kb)

Be sure to download the water-use data dictionary also! (You'll only need it once - it describes all of USGS's water-use data files and data elements).

USGS Water Use in the United States

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