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Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 1990
USGS National Circular 1081


Every five (5) years since 1950 the nation's water-use data are compiled and published in a national circular. The report describes water use in the United States by major water-use categories (for example, domestic water use).

For each water-use category, there is a description of where the water comes from (source), what the water is used for (use), and where is goes after use (disposition). There are pie charts and textual information that summarize the data at a national level. Data tables are used to show numeric values by state and water-resources region and there are maps to display the data in a visual manner.

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Introductory pages

dot Title pages
dot Table of contents
dot Glossary
dot Conversion factors
dot Abstract
dot Introduction

Water use by category

dot Total water use
dot Public supply
dot Domestic
dot Commercial
dot Irrigation
dot Livestock
dot Industrial
dot Mining
dot Thermoelectric power
dot Hydroelectric power
dot Wastewater treatment

Summary pages

dot Trends in water use, 1950-90
dot References cited
dot Selected water-use bibliography

USGS Water Use in the United States

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