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The Aggregate Water Use Data System (AWUDS) of USGS

The Aggregate Water-Use Data System (AWUDS) is a multi-year data-base management system used for the storage, retrieval, and analysis of aggregate water-use data at the state and national levels. AWUDS is part of the U.S Geological Survey's National Water Information System (NWIS), the internal data-processing system for USGS water data. The public portal for NWIS is NWISWeb. However, data from AWUDS are not yet available through NWISWeb.

AWUDS stores data by county, water-resources cataloging unit, and aquifer. Data sets are created for and can be analyzed by state, county, water-resources accounting unit, water-resources cataloging unit, and aquifer. AWUDS allows users to input and edit aggregate water-use data, create various reports, perform quality-control processes, export data for use by other applications, and create graphical output.

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USGS Water Use in the United States

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