Downloading 1995 water-use data

Use the table below to download individual 1995 water-use data files. The files are tab-delimited and can be imported into a spreadsheet programs. You will also need to download the data dictionary, which explains the data elements and column headings that are in the data files.

Each line in the data files represents a county or watershed (water-resources cataloging unit (HUC-8)), and there are 248 individual data elements on each line. The approximate size in kilobytes (Kb) is indicated for each file.

The watershed file for the United States as a whole is concatenated from the individual State files. Watersheds that cross State lines will have entries for each State section, which must be added together to determine the total water use for the watershed.

StateCounty data
data file
StateCounty data
data file
Alabama37 Kb 377 Kb Alaska88 Kb 148 Kb
Arizona22 Kb 233 Kb Arkansas62 Kb 264 Kb
California80 Kb 413 Kb Colorado84 Kb 261 Kb
Connecticut13 Kb 38 Kb Delaware6 Kb 27 Kb
D.C.3 Kb 8 Kb Florida90 Kb 148 Kb
Georgia205 Kb 146 Kb Hawaii9 Kb 27 Kb
Idaho59 Kb 234 Kb Illinois133 Kb 146 Kb
Indiana120 Kb 110 Kb Iowa128 Kb 157 Kb
Kansas136 Kb 253 Kb Kentucky155 Kb 118 Kb
Louisiana85 Kb 165 Kb Maine23 Kb 60 Kb
Maryland33 Kb 58 Kb Massachusetts21 Kb 58 Kb
Michigan109 Kb 179 Kb Minnesota113 Kb 228 Kb
Mississippi107 Kb 148 Kb Missouri149 Kb 184 Kb
Montana76 Kb 277 Kb Nebraska122 Kb 190 Kb
Nevada24 Kb 201 Kb New Hampshire15 Kb 36 Kb
New Jersey30 Kb 38 Kb New Mexico45 Kb 231 Kb
New York83 Kb 148 Kb North Carolina130 Kb 151 Kb
North Dakota69 Kb 140 Kb Ohio115 Kb 124 Kb
Oklahoma100 Kb 187 Kb Oregon49 Kb 256 Kb
Pennsylvania89 Kb 157 Kb Rhode Island9 Kb 16 Kb
South Carolina61 Kb 96 Kb South Dakota86 Kb 154 Kb
Tennessee123 Kb 160 Kb Texas329 Kb 567 Kb
Utah40 Kb 190 Kb Vermont20 Kb 47 Kb
Virginia176 Kb 135 Kb Washington53 Kb 198 Kb
West Virginia73 Kb 91 Kb Wisconsin94 Kb 146 Kb
Wyoming32 Kb 231 Kb Puerto Rico157 Kb 101 Kb
Virgin Islands6 Kb 8 Kb United States4,139 Kb 8,135 Kb

Arrow The United States by state (80 Kb) data file is also available.

USGS Water Use in the United States

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