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Dept. of Interior WaterSMART activities

Dept. of Interior WaterSMART activities

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The National Water Census Data Platform

A major component of the Water Census is the National Water Census Data Platform , which relies on a series of new data management practices to enable integration and delivery of water budgets information alongside other data of interest to managers, such as water use data or ecological assessment criteria. Eventually, end users of water budget data (i.e. management agencies and decision-makers) will be able to access an integrated online database in a form that will enable them to construct local and regional water budgets. Key components of the National Water Census Data Platform that are currently in development include:

A database of hydrologic indicators, addressing:

    • Precipitation
    • Evapotranspiration
    • Water in storage in snowpack, icefields, and large lakes
    • Groundwater level indices
    • Rates of groundwater recharge
    • Changes in groundwater storage
    • Stream and river runoff characteristics
    • Stream and river baseflow characteristics
    • Total water withdrawals by source
    • Interbasin transfers
    • Consumptive uses
    • Return flows
    • Impaired surface and groundwater supplies used for existing demands

A program for assessing flow needs for wildlife and habitat which will:

    • Classify the streams across the nation for their hydro-ecological type
    • Systematically examine the ecological effects of hydrologic alteration
    • Develop flow alteration – ecological response relationships for each type of river or stream

An application for delivering water availability information at scales that relevant to the user.

CDI posterPoster providing an overview of the National Water Census Data Platform (2015) (5 Mb PDF file)

Water Census & WaterSMART Products


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