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If you have any problems using StreamStats or any general comments or questions about StreamStats, you may send email to the development team by clicking on the link below. Typically, you will get a faster response if you contact the entire team rather than contacting individual team members.

Contact the StreamStats Team


Team Members

Cory Dakin, Computer Specialist, (303) 202-4536
John Guthrie, ArcGIS Programmer
Tana Haluska, Geographer, (503) 251-3212
Katherine Kolb, Geographer, (704) 344-3272 ext. 12
Jeremy Newson, Civil Engineer, (208) 387-1309
Kernell Ries, Project Manager, Hydrologist, (443) 498-5617 (Mon/Wed) or (410) 569-3876 (Tues/Thur/Fri)
Pete Steeves, GIS Specialist (508) 490-5054
Dave Stewart, Information Technology Specialist (703) 648-4879
Ryan Thompson, Hydrologist, (605) 352-4241 ext. 225











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