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National Streamflow Information Program (NSIP)

NSIP Federal Goal Streamgages in 2012, Oklahoma

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Active USGS Streamgage Active USGS Streamgage
Active Partial Record streamgages operated by the USGS Partial Record USGS Streamgage
Streamgages currently operated by other agencies and in the NSIP plan Active Other Agency in the NSIP Network
Streamgages that are inactive to be reactivated in the NSIP plan Inactive Streamgage in the NSIP Network
Proposed new streamgages in NSIP Plan Proposed New Streamgage in NSIP Network

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Summary Table Listings Below of the NSIP Streamgages in Oklahoma
Active=82Partial Record=0Inactive=25Other Agency=2Proposed =19Total Streamgages=128
Water Quality=1Compact/Border=36Key River Basins=15Sentinel=28Forecast=89

NSIP GoalsNSIP Goal Maps of Oklahoma
Water Quality - Support National Water Quality ProgramWater Quality Map
Compacts/Border - Compacts, Treaties, Decrees and BorderCompacts & Border Goal Map
Basin - Flow From Major River BasinsBasin Goal Map
Sentinel - Sentinel Basins for Streamflow CharacteristicsSentinel Watershed Goal Map
Forecast - Streamflow ForecastingForecast Goal Map
All Goals Map

Oklahoma Active Streamgage Map
USA NSIP Map - Pick another State
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