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National Streamflow Information Program (NSIP)

NSIP Federal Goal Streamgage Network, Status as of Feb 12, 2015

Status of streamgages designed as federal goal streamgages that are part of the stable NSIP streamgage network. With full NSIP implementation, these streamgages would be completely funded as part of NSIP.
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Active USGS Streamgage
Partial Record USGS Streamgages
Active Other Agency Streamgage in the NSIP Network
Inactive Streamgage in the NSIP Network
Proposed New Streamgage in NSIP Network

Active=3092Partial Record=272Inactive=1024Other Agency=122New/Proposed=249Total Sites=4759
Water Quality=177Compact/Border=579Key River Basin=445Sentinel Watershed=868Forecast=3622

Download Table of NSIP Streamgages

Other National NSIP Streamgage Maps
NSIP Water Quality Streamgage Map
NSIP Compact/Border Streamgage Map
NSIP Key River Basin Streamgage Map
NSIP Sentinel Watershed Goal Streamgage Map
NSIP Forecast Streamgage Map
Current Active & Partial Record USGS Streamgage Map

Updated Feb 12, 2015


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