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2009Riggs, Alan C., Stannard, David I., Maestas, Florentino B., Karlinger, Michael R., and Striegl, Robert G., 2009, Soil CO2 Flux in the Amargosa Desert, Nevada, during El Nino 1998 and La Nina 1999: . [get publication]
2006Winograd, Isaac J, Landwehr, Jurate M, Coplen, Tyler B, Sharp, Warren D, Riggs, Alan C, Ludwig, Kenneth R, and Kolesar, Peter T, 2006, Devils Hole, Nevada, δ18O record extended to the mid-Holocene: Quaternary Research, v. 66, iss. 2, p. 202-212. [get publication]
2004Kolesar, P T, and Riggs, A C, 2004, Influence of depositional environment on Devils Hole calcite morphology and petrology: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers: New York, p. 227-241.
2004Riggs, A C, and Deacon, J E, 2004, Connectivity in desert aquatic ecosystems - The Devils Hole Story: DHS Publication, v. No. 41210, p. 1-38.