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2013Brown, L.R., Bennett, W.A., Wagner, W., Morgan, T., Knowles, N., Feyrer, F., Schoellhamer, D., Stacey, M., and Dettinger, M.D., 2013, Implications for future survival of deltas smelt from four climate-change scenarios for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California: Estuaries and Coasts, 21 p., doi:10.1007/s12237-013-9585-4. [get publication]
2012Brooks, B.A., G. Bawden, D. Manjunath, C. Werner, N. Knowles, J. Foster, J. Dudas and D.R. Cayan, 2012: Contemporaneous Subsidence and Levee Overtopping Potential, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California. San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science, 10(1), 1-18.
2011Cloern, James E., Knowles, Noah, Brown, Larry R., Cayan, Daniel, Dettinger, Michael D., Morgan, Tara L., Schoellhamer, David H., Stacey, Mark T., van der Wegen, Mick, Wagner, R. Wayne, and Jassby, Alan D., 2011, Projected Evolution of California's San Francisco Bay-Delta-River System in a Century of Climate Change: PLoS ONE, v. 6, iss. 9, e24465 p. [get publication]
2009Dettinger, M D, Hidalgo, H, Das, T, Cayan, D, and Knowles, N, 2009, Projections of potential flood regime changes in California: California Energy Commission Report.
2006Knowles, Noah, Dettinger, Michael D, and Cayan, Daniel R, 2006, Trends in Snowfall versus Rainfall in the Western United States: Journal of Climate, v. 19, iss. 18, p. 4545-4559. [get publication]
2005Cayan, D, Dettinger, M, Stewart, I, and Knowles, N, 2005, Recent changes toward earlier springs---Early signs of climate warming in western North America: Watershed Management Council Networker, Spring 2005, p. 3-7. [get publication]
2005Cloern, James E., Schraga, Tara S., Lopez, Cary B., Knowles, Noah, Labiosa, Rochelle Grover, and Dugdale, Richard, 2005, Climate anomalies generate an exceptional dinoflagellate bloom in San Francisco Bay: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 32, 5 PP. [get publication]
2005Peterson, D H, Lundquist, J D, Stewart, I, Knowles, N, Solomon, M, and Hager, S W, 2005, An experimental prediction of maximum daily snowmelt discharge in 2005: Sierra Nevada Hydroclimatology.
2005Peterson, David, Smith, Richard, Stewart, Iris, Knowles, Noah, Soulard, Chris, and Hager, Stephen, 2005, Snowmelt discharge characteristics Sierra Nevada, California: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2004Knowles, N, and Cayan, D, 2004, Elevational dependence of projected hydrologic changes in the San Francisco Estuary and watershed: Climatic Change, v. 62, p. 319-336.
2003Cayan, D R, Dettinger, M D, Redmond, K T, McCabe, G J, Knowles, N, Peterson, D H, Diaz, H F, and Morehouse, B J, 2003, The transboundary setting of California's water and hydropower systems: linkages between the Sierra Nevada, Columbia, and Colorado hydroclimates.: p. 237-262 LA - English. [get publication]
2001Knowles, N, Dettinger, M, and Cayan, D, Trends in Snowfall Versus Rainfall for the Western United States, 1949-2001: .