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2013Stoliker, D.L., Campbell, K.M., Fox, P.M., Singer, D.M., Kaviani, N., Carey, M., Peck, N.E., Bargar, J.R., Kent, D.B., Davis, J.A., 2013, Evaluating chemical extraction techniques for the determination of uranium oxidation state in reduced aquifer sediments, Environmental Science and Technology, v. 47, p. 9225-9232. [get publication]
2011Campbell, K M, Davis, J A, Bargar, J, Giammar, D, Bernier-Latmani, R, Kukkadapu, R, Williams, K H, Veramani, H, Ulrich, K.-U., Stubbs, J, Yabusaki, S, Figueroa, L, Lesher, E, Wilkins, M J, Peacock, A, and Long, P E, 2011, Composition, stability, and measurement of reduced uranium phases for groundwater bioremediation at Old Rifle, CO: Applied Geochemistry, v. 26, Supple, iss. 0, p. S167-S169. [get publication]
2011Campbell, Kate M, Veeramani, Harish, Ulrich, Kai-Uwe, Blue, Lisa Y, Giammar, Daniel E, Bernier-Latmani, Rizlan, Stubbs, Joanne E, Suvorova, Elena, Yabusaki, Steve, Lezama-Pacheco, Juan S, Mehta, Apurva, Long, Philip E, and Bargar, John R, 2011, Oxidative Dissolution of Biogenic Uraninite in Groundwater at Old Rifle, CO: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 45, iss. 20, p. 8748-8754. [get publication]
2010Borch, Thomas, Campbell, Kate, and Kretzschmar, Ruben, 2010, How electron flow controls contaminant dynamics: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 44, iss. 1, p. 3-6. [get publication]
2010Borch, Thomas, Kretzschmar, Ruben, Kappler, Andreas, Cappellen, Philippe Van, Ginder-Vogel, Matthew, Voegelin, Andreas, and Campbell, Kate, 2010, Biogeochemical Redox Processes and their Impact on Contaminant Dynamics: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 44, iss. 1, p. 15-23. [get publication]
2009Hyun, Sung Pil, Fox, Patricia M, Davis, James A, Campbell, Kate M, Hayes, Kim F, and Long, Philip E, 2009, Surface complexation modeling of U(VI) adsorption by aquifer sediments from a former mill tailings site at Rifle, Colorado.: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 43, iss. 24, p. 9368-73. [get publication]