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2010Kendall, C, Young, M B, and Silva, S R, 2010, Applications of stable isotopes for regional to national-scale water quality monitoring programs; chapt 5: Springer, p. 89-111.
2010Zohar, Iris, Shaviv, Avi, Young, Megan, Kendall, Carol, Silva, Steve, and Paytan, Adina, 2010, Phosphorus dynamics in soils irrigated with reclaimed waste water or fresh water — A study using oxygen isotopic composition of phosphate: Geoderma, v. 159, iss. 1–2, p. 109-121. [get publication]
2009Hristov, Alexander N, Zaman, Shah, Vander Pol, Mike, Ndegwa, Pius, Campbell, Larry, and Silva, Steven, 2009, Nitrogen losses from dairy manure estimated through nitrogen mass balance and chemical markers: Journal of environmental quality, v. 38, iss. 6, p. 2438-2448. [get publication]
2008Naftz, D, Angeroth, C, Kenney, T, Waddell, B, Darnall, N, Silva, S, Perschon, C, and Whitehead, J, 2008, Reply to the comment on "Anthropogenic influences on the input and biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and mercury in Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA", by Mae Gustin: Applied Geochemistry, v. 23, iss. 12, p. 3854-3855.
2008Naftz, David, Angeroth, Cory, Kenney, Terry, Waddell, Bruce, Darnall, Nathan, Silva, Steven, Perschon, Clay, and Whitehead, John, 2008, Anthropogenic influences on the input and biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and mercury in Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA: Applied Geochemistry, v. 23, iss. 6, p. 1731-1744. [get publication]
2007Ohte, Nobuhito, Dahlgren, Randy A, Silva, Steven R, Kendall, Carol, Kratzer, Charles R, and Doctor, Daniel H, 2007, Sources and transport of algae and nutrients in a Californian river in a semi-arid climate: Freshwater Biology, v. 52, iss. 12, p. 2476-2493 LA - en. [get publication]
2006McLaughlin, Karen, Kendall, Carol, Silva, Steven R, Young, Megan, and Paytan, Adina, 2006, Phosphate oxygen isotope ratios as a tracer for sources and cycling of phosphate in North San Francisco Bay, California: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 111, iss. G3. [get publication]
2006McLaughlin, Karen, Paytan, Adina, Kendall, Carol, and Silva, Steven, 2006, Oxygen isotopes of phosphatic compounds—Application for marine particulate matter, sediments and soils: Marine Chemistry, v. 98, iss. 2–4, p. 148-155. [get publication]
2006Nardoto, Gabriela B, Silva, Steven, Kendall, Carol, Ehleringer, James R, Chesson, Lesley A, Ferraz, Epaminondas S B, Moreira, Marcelo Z, Ometto, Jean P H B, and Martinelli, Luiz A, 2006, Geographical patterns of human diet derived from stable-isotope analysis of fingernails: American Journal of Physical Anthropology, v. 131, iss. 1, p. 137-146 LA - en. [get publication]
2005Piatek, Kathryn B, Mitchell, Myron J, Silva, Steven R, and Kendall, Carol, 2005, Sources of Nitrate in Snowmelt Discharge: Evidence From Water Chemistry and Stable Isotopes of Nitrate: Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, v. 165, iss. 1, p. 13-35. [get publication]
2004Chang, C C Y, Silva, S R, Kendall, C, Michalski, G, Casciotti, K L, and Wankel, S, 2004, Preparation and analysis of nitrogen-bearing compounds in water for stable isotope ratio measurement: Elsevier: Amsterdam, v. 1, p. 305-347.
2004Kratzer, Charles R, Dileanis, Peter D, Zamora, Celia, Silva, Steven R, Kendall, Carol, Bergamaschi, Brian A, and Dahlgren, Randy A, 2004, Sources and Transport of Nutrients, Organic Carbon, and Chlorophyll-a in the San Joaquin River Upstream of Vernalis, California, during Summer and Fall, 2000 and 2001: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2004McLaughlin, Karen, Silva, Steven, Kendall, Carol, Stuart-Williams, Hilary, and Paytan, Adina, 2004, A precise method for the analysis of d18O of dissolved inorganic phosphate in seawater: Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, v. 2, p. 202-212. [get publication]
2003Silva, S R, and Kendall, C, 2003, Isotopic analyses of suspended sediments: p. 59-60.