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2013Stonestrom, D., Andraski, B., Cooper, C., Mayers, C., and Michel, R., 2013, On the conversion of tritium units to mass fractions for hydrologic applications: Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, v. 49, no. 2, p. 250-256, doi:10.1080/10256016.2013.766610.
2010Mack, Thomas J, Akbari, M Amin, Ashoor, M Hanif, Chornack, Michael P, Coplen, Tyler B, Emerson, Douglas G, Hubbard, Bernard E, Litke, David W, Michel, Robert L, Plummer, L Niel, Rezai, M Taher, Senay, Gabriel B, Verdin, James P, and Verstraeten, Ingrid M, 2010, Conceptual Model of Water Resources in the Kabul Basin, Afghanistan: U.S. Geological Survey. [get publication]
2009Böhlke, John Karl, and Michel, Robert L, 2009, Contrasting residence times and fluxes of water and sulfate in two small forested watersheds in Virginia, USA: Science of The Total Environment, v. 407, iss. 14, p. 4363-4377. [get publication]
2009Garcia, C A, Andraski, B J, Stonestrom, D A, Cooper, C A, Johnson, M J, Michel, R L, and Wheatcraft, S W, 2009, Transport of Tritium Contamination to the Atmosphere in an Arid Environment: Vadose Zone Journal, v. 8, iss. 2, p. 450-461. [get publication]
2009Michel, R L, 2009, Chapter 5 Radionuclides as Tracers and Timers in Surface and Groundwate: Elsevier, v. 16, p. 139-230.
2009Michel, R L, Izbicki, J A, McMahon, P B, and Stonestrom, D A, 2009, Use of isotopes for the study of pollutant behaviour in the unsaturated zone at three semi-arid sites: p. 205-218. [get publication]
2009Michel, R L, Kraemer, T F, and Cecil, L D, 2009, Radionuclides and Transient Gas Tracers in Studies of Lakes and Inland Seas; Chapt 5: Elsevier Science, v. 16, p. 182-204.
2006McMahon, P B, Dennehy, K F, Bruce, B W, Böhlke, J K, Michel, R L, Gurdak, J J, and Hurlbut, D B, 2006, Storage and transit time of chemicals in thick unsaturated zones under rangeland and irrigated cropland, High Plains, United States: Water Resources Research, v. 42, iss. 3. [get publication]
2005Andraski, B J, Stonestrom, D A, Michel, R L, Halford, K J, and Radyk, J C, 2005, Plant-Based Plume-Scale Mapping of Tritium Contamination in Desert Soils: Vadose Zone Journal, v. 4, iss. 3, p. 819-827. [get publication]
2005Mayers, C J, Andraski, B J, Cooper, C A, Wheatcraft, S W, Stonestrom, D A, and Michel, R L, 2005, Modeling Tritium Transport Through a Deep Unsaturated Zone in an Arid Environment: Vadose Zone Journal, v. 4, iss. 4. [get publication]
2005Michel, R L, 2005, Tritium in the Hydrologic Cycle: Springer: Dordrecht.
2005Shanley, James, Mayer, Bernhard, Mitchell, Myron, Michel, Robert, Bailey, Scott, and Kendall, Carol, 2005, Tracing Sources of Streamwater Sulfate During Snowmelt Using S and O Isotope Ratios of Sulfate and 35S Activity: Biogeochemistry, v. 76, iss. 1, p. 161-185. [get publication]
2004Izbicki, John A, and Michel, Robert L, 2004, Movement and Age of Ground Water in the Western Part of the Mojave Desert, Southern California, USA: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2004Michel, Robert L, 2004, Tritium hydrology of the Mississippi River basin: Hydrological Processes, v. 18, iss. 7, p. 1255-1269 LA - en. [get publication]
2004Novák, Martin, Michel, Robert L, Přechová, Eva, and Štěpánová, Markéta, 2004, The Missing Flux in a 35 S Budget for the Soils of a Small Polluted Catchment: Water, Air, & Soil Pollution: Focus, v. 4, iss. 2/3, p. 517-529. [get publication]
2004Stonestrom, David A, Abraham, Jared D, Andraski, Brian J, Baker, R J, Mayers, C J, Michel, R L, Prudic, David E, Striegl, Robert G, and Walvoord, Michelle A, 2004, Monitoring radionuclide contamination in the unsaturated zone - lessons learned at the Amargosa Desert Research Site, Nye County, Nevada: . [get publication]
2003Andraski, B J, Sandstrom, M W, Michel, R L, Radyk, J C, Stonestrom, D A, Johnson, M J, and Mayers, C J, 2003, Simplified Method for Detecting Tritium Contamination in Plants and Soil: Journal of Environment Quality, v. 32, iss. 3. [get publication]
2003Izbicki, John A, Borchers, James W, Leighton, David A, Kulongoski, Justin, Fields, Latoya, Galloway, Devin L, and Michel, Robert L, 2003, Hydrogeology and geochemistry of aquifers underlying the San Lorenzo and San Leandro areas of the East Bay Plain, Alameda County, California: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2003McMahon, Peter B, Dennehy, K F, Michel, R L, Sophocleous, M A, Ellett, K M, and Hurlbut, D B, 2003, Water movement through thick unsaturated zones overlying the central High Plains aquifer, southwestern Kansas, 2000-2001: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]