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2013Stewart AR, Luoma SN, Elrick KA, Carter JL, van der Wegen M, 2013. Influence of Estuarine Processes on Spatiotemporal Variation in Bioavailable Selenium. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 492:41-56 [get publication]
2012Huffman, R L, Wagner, R J, Toft, J, Cordell, J, DeWild, J F, Dinicola, R S, Aiken, G R, Krabbenhoft, D P, Marvin-DiPasquale, M, Stewart, A R, Moran, P W, and Paulson, A J, 2012, Mercury species and other selected constituent concentrations in water, sediment, and biota of Sinclair Inlet, Kitsap County, Washington, 2007-10: U.S. Geological Survey, v. DS - 658. [get publication]
2012Selck, Henriette, Drouillard, Ken, Eisenreich, Karen, Koelmans, Albert A, Palmqvist, Annemette, Ruus, Anders, Salvito, Daniel, Schultz, Irv, Stewart, Robin, Weisbrod, Annie, van den Brink, Nico W, and van den Heuvel-Greve, Martine, 2012, Explaining differences between bioaccumulation measurements in laboratory and field data through use of a probabilistic modeling approach: Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, v. 8, iss. 1, p. 42-63 LA - en. [get publication]
2010Kleckner, A E, Stewart, A R, Elrick, K, and Luoma, S N, 2010, Selenium and stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen in the benthic clam Corbula amurensis from Northern San Francisco: February 2010: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010-1252, v. 34.
2010Stewart, Robin, Grosell, Martin, Buchwalter, David, Fisher, Nicholas, Luoma, Samuel, Mathews, Teresa, Orr, Patricia, and Wang, Wen-Xiong, 2010, Bioaccumulation and Trophic Transfer of Selenium: CRC Press, p. 93-139. [get publication]
2009Chasar, Lia C, Scudder, Barbara C, Stewart, A Robin, Bell, Amanda H, and Aiken, George R, 2009, Mercury Cycling in Stream Ecosystems. 3. Trophic Dynamics and Methylmercury Bioaccumulation: Environ. Sci. Technol., v. 43, iss. 8, p. 2733-2739. [get publication]
2009Stewart, A R, Grosell, M, Buchwalter, D B, Fisher, N, Luoma, S N, Mathews, T, Orr, P L, Wang, W X, Chapman, P M, Adams, W J, Brooks, M L, Delos, C G, Maher, W A, Ohlendorf, H M, Presser, T S, and Shaw, D P, 2009, Bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of selenium, in Ecological assessment of selenium in the aquatic environment: Summary of a SETAC Pellston Workshop: Pensacola FL (USA): Society of,Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), p, v. 19.
2008Alpers, C.N., Stewart, A.R., Saiki, M.K., Marvin-DiPasquale, M.C., Topping, B.R., Rider, K.M., Gallanthine, S.K., Kester, C.A., Rye, R.O., Antweiler, R.C., and De Wild, J.F., 2008, Environmental factors affecting mercury in Camp Far West Reservoir, California, 2001–03: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2006-5008, p 358.
2008Stewart, A.R., Saiki, M.K., Kuwabara, J.S., Alpers, C.N., Marvin DiPasquale, M., and Krabbenhoft, D.P., 2008, Influence of plankton mercury dynamics and trophic pathways on mercury concentrations of top preditor fish of a mining-impacted reservoir: Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci, v. 65, p. 2351-2366.
2007Marvin-DiPasquale, M, Stewart, A R, Fisher, N S, Pickhardt, P, Mason, R P, Heyes, A, and Winham-Myers, L, 2007, Evaluation Of Mercury Transformations and Trophic Transfer in the San Francisco Bay/Delta: Identifying Critical Processes for the Ecosystem Restoration Program: Annual Report for Project # ERP-02-P40 to: the California Bay Delta Authority (CBDA, v. 39. [get publication]
2005Croteau, M.-N., Luoma, S N, and Stewart, A R, 2005, Trophic transfer of metals along freshwater food webs: Evidence of cadmium biomagnification in nature: United States Geological Survey, p. 1511-1519. [get publication]
2003Kuwabara, James S, Alpers, Charles N, Marvin-Dipasquale, Mark, Topping, Brent R, Carter, James L, Stewart, A Robin, Fend, Steven V, Parchaso, Francis, Moon, Gerald E, and Krabbenhoft, David P, 2003, Sediment-water interactions affecting dissolved-mercury distributions in Camp Far West Reservoir, California: United States Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4140. [get publication]
2003Stewart, A R, Stern, G A, Lockhart, W L, Kidd, K A, Salki, A G, Stainton, M P, Koczanski, K, Rosenberg, G B, Savoie, D A, Billeck, B N, Wilkinson, P, and Muir, D C G, 2003, Assessing trends in organochlorine concentrations in Lake Winnipeg fish following the 1997 red river flood: United States Geological Survey, p. 332-354. [get publication]