Iron Reducing Bacteria
FeRB isolated using a roll bottle technique from the former Uranium Mine near Ronneburg, Germany
Uranium Rocks
Low grade shale at the former Ronneburg mine which were mined for Uranium
The Herrenberg Cave
The genesis and growth of cave formations like these stalactites may be influenced by microbes
Oak Ridge Field Research Center
A soil core from the uranium contminated former S3 ponds site at the Oak Ridge National Lab
This is my research website where I am posting the details of my research, publications, and collaborations. I am a Research Microbiologist at the National Research Program of the US Geological Survey in Reston VA. My research program investigates 1) the impact of microorganisms on organic and inorganic contaminants, 2) microbial affects on energy production, such as microbial enhanced coal bed methane production or mitigating contaminants due to unconventional oil and gas production; and 3) the unseen biodiversity in natural systems and how this biodiversity impacts biogeochemical cycles.

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