National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program: Midwest Stream-Quality Assessment

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General Information

What are the most important stressors affecting ecological communities? Contaminants? Habitat? Flow? During summer 2013, the Midwest Stream-Quality Assessment (MSQA) is characterizing contaminants, nutrients, suspended sediment, and ecological conditions at perennial-stream sites throughout the Corn Belt. These results will be incorporated into statistical models to determine the effects of stressors on ecological communities, and to allow prediction of water-quality conditions in unsampled streams across the region.

The MSQA combines the complementary approaches and strengths of three federal programs to improve our understanding of water-quality across the region.

Findings will provide information to communities and policy makers on the quality of streams in the region, the importance of water-quality stressors to ecological conditions, and the human and environmental factors that are the most critical in controlling stream quality in the region.