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Fluxes to estuarine and coastal environments


San Francisco Bay sediment fluxes and geomorphic modeling


thumbnail image of figure 4 and link to larger figure 4. A photograph of tripods
NASA ASTER image of San Francisco Bay
thumbnail image of figure 4 and link to larger figure 4. A photograph of tripods
Simulation results from Ganju and Schoellhamer (2010)
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As part of the USGS Priority Ecosystems Science program, CALFED, and USGS California Water Science Center, sediment transport in San Francisco Bay was studied with acoustic and optical devices. The data were used to build and evaluate hydrodynamic and sediment transport models to evaluate the geomorphic response of the Bay under scenarios of climate change. 

Major results

Several sediment transport features and characterstics were illuminated. Ganju et al. (2004) identified estuarine turbidity maxima in tidal rivers that led to anomalously high suspended-sediment concentrations in peripheral areas of the Bay. Several studies developed methods for measuring sediment fluxes in Bay cross-sections (e.g. Ganju and Schoellhamer, 2006); these results were used to develop estuarine geomorphic models over tidal to decadal timescales (e.g. Ganju et al., 2009). The methods were also applied to constituents such as dissolved organic carbon and methyl mercury (e.g. Downing et al., 2009; Bergamaschi et al., 2011). Subsequent ecological studies have made use of these results to determine how the future trajectory of the Bay will respond to streamflow changes, sea-level rise, and decreased sediment supply from the watershed.


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