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As the saying goes ... "water, water, everywhere." Well, how much water is there; where is this water; how does it move around? Use the diagram below to find out (select "Menu of all Earth's Water topics" to see a more complete list).

Earth's water main water topics

Learn about the water cycle, with a diagram in over 60 languages. Investigate the water cycle (in many languages!)

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Where and in what forms does water exist. How much water exists on, in, and above the Earth. The water cycle (in 60 languages) Vote for your favorite water body. Watersheds and drainage basins. Glaciers, icecaps, and permanent snow. Rain and precipitation. Follow a raindrop as it goes through the water cycle. . View a menu of all surface-water topics for this site. View a menu of all groundwater topics for this site. Find out how the Nation uses surface water. Rivers, streams, and creeks. Lakes and reservoirs. How USGS measures water flowing in a stream. Rainfall runoff. Much more water flows in a stream during a storm. The 100 year flood (really, recurrence interval).. Questions and answers about droughts. Questions and answers about floods. How rivers affect the landscape. A list of major river lengths. Sediment in rivers. .Impervious surfaces affect urban flooding Find out about groundwater. . Aquifers-they hold water below ground. Groundwater wells. Artesian, or flowing, wells and artesian water Sinkholes. Land subsidence. Decline of groundwater levels due to pumping. Groundwater depletion due to overpumping. How Do Hydrologists Locate Ground Water? Effects of drought on groundwater resources. Take a groundwater true/false quiz. View a menu of all Earth's Water topics.